Boy looking at model of atomic bomb model, "little boy" used in WWII
Guillaume Payen/Sipa USA via AP


Nuclear weapons are the most inhumane and devastating tools of war ever created. 的y're also tools of white supremacy.


Nuclear weapons are the most inhumane and devastating tools of war ever created. 的y're also tools of white supremacy.

In the words of author and activist Arundhati Roy, “the nuclear bomb is the most anti-democratic, 反国家, 反, outright evil thing that man has ever made.”

Yet despite the extreme nature of these weapons, 对于大多数生活在美国的人来说,几乎没有机会参与有关核武器的决策或宣传.

This reality is deeply unjust, 这是世界秩序优先考虑精英的观点和经验的征兆, 富有的, 白人男性. 通往真正人类安全的唯一道路始于对核武器决策方式的根本改变,并以废除核武器作为创造一个公平世界的一部分而告终.

World map showing nuclear weapons states, TPNW签署国, and countries that are nuclear-weapons-free zones
A handful of leaders in the global north dominate decisions around nuclear weapons.

Who has a seat at the table?

In the United States, nuclear weapons policies are decided by the president. 只有他们有 唯一的权威 to order a nuclear strike (a policy that should be 立即改变). A web of military contractors, 一些国防官员, and members of Congress buoyed by donations from lobbyists, control billions of dollars in spending on nuclear weapons.

Voices of women and Black, Indigenous, and 有色人种 are 远远未被充分代表的 在这些决策圈中,选民的观点往往被排除在讨论之外.

From a global perspective, 任何允许少数拥有核武器的国家威胁全人类生存的体系, 没有责任, 根本就是不公正的. 的 Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of 核武器 不扩散核武器条约》(NPT), 一直是防止核武器扩散的国际努力的基石,但即使它允许五个国家——美国, 俄罗斯, 中国, France and the United Kingdom—to possess nuclear weapons indefinitely.

Still, most countries have chosen to possess nuclear weapons. Countries without nuclear weapons, especially in the global south, are powerful advocates for nuclear disarmament. Because of their leadership, more than half of the habitable world belongs to a nuclear-weapons-free zone. In 2017, led by many of those same countries, negotiations concluded on the Treaty on the Prohibition of 核武器 (TPNW).

非正式地称为 禁止条约, it represents a critical shift in thinking about nuclear weapons, 拒绝承认其所谓的战略或安全作用,同时承认其发展和使用的灾难性人道主义后果.


When the United States dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, tens of thousands of civilians were killed instantly. 到1945年底, 爆炸, 伯恩斯, and radiation from the atomic bombings had killed more than 210,000人.

幸存者,被称为 核爆炸, suffered 不 only physical aftereffects of radiation such as cancer, 但也有终身的心理创伤和作为幸存者的耻辱带来的社会歧视. 美国和日本的617888九五至尊娱乐家研究了辐射对原子弹爆炸的影响,美国的研究被批评专注于与军事有关的研究,而不是为幸存者提供医疗服务.

Despite the stigma, many 核爆炸 shared their experiences widely and 继续倡导 for a world free of nuclear weapons.

Immediately after the bombings, 人们开始质疑核武器的道德性,以及反日种族主义和非人化在选择使用这些毁灭性武器中所起的作用. Black American leaders in particular 是原子弹的早期批评者,也是最早质疑杜鲁门总统使用原子弹的决定是否更多地受到白人至上主义的影响,而非军事需要的人之一.

Nuclear frontline communities

核武器的毁灭性真相是,它们造成的巨大伤害并没有随着广岛和长崎的轰炸而结束. Nuclear frontline communities have been directly harmed by the extraction, production, 测试, clean-up, and storage of nuclear materials and weapons. 人 in these communities—who are often Indigenous, 有色人种, 可怜的, 和/或农村-继续与历史和持续的辐射和毒素暴露作斗争.

几乎在所有情况下, 这些社区没有被告知他们暴露在有害毒素中,在直接影响他们健康和福祉的决定中几乎没有发言权——这是环境种族主义的教科书范例.

尽管许多一线社区坚定不移地倡导,但他们仍然只能依靠政府 inadequate patchwork of programs and laws 未能充分和公平地解决他们在美国政府手中所遭受的伤害.


重要的是要承认,即使是主张消除核武器和减少核威胁的组织, including groups like UCS, have 不 always been inclusive. 的 anti-nuclear field continues to be largely white and male, and too often privileges traditional and exclusive definitions of expertise. 我们必须认识到,真正的安全与影响人们日常生活的其他问题密切相关, including climate change, 种族平等, 公共卫生, 经济安全.

在核政策领域取得成功的最佳机会之一是与以前被排除在对话之外的社区建立关系, thereby bringing a plurality of voices to this issue.